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We all abide in society and living in one requires coordination. People need to communicate in order to make living easier and this is achieved by connecting a link, language. However, there certainly are a variety of languages that are spoken across the world and different populations are savvy in different languages. Making connections in different states of the country or taking the link to distinct countries is quite beneficial for social beings like us.

This connecting link through varying languages can be accomplished by the process of translation. There are various kinds of translations that are implemented for different causes and require particular translators, for instance, if the conversion of legal type, then it will demand authorized translator. Translation services in India have been founded to eradicate the language barriers that could affect our day to day undertakings. We at PEC are thorough with the needs of the customer and the type of conversion of languages they require. We have been ranked among the best translation services and understand the actual value of conversion and ensure accuracy in our work.

Translation services

What is a Certified Translation?

There are times when a translated document mandates certification as well, this could be in any situation regarding the law and legislature. A certified translation can be defined as the conversion of documents that are assisted by a stamp or signature, or both at times. This process of conversion generally requires a certified translator but isn’t always necessitated. A certified translator is appointed by the notary to translate the law-related documents and this person is an approved individual who has attained proficiency in translation through a course provided by a verified institute or university.

What are Translation Services?

Common people are not habituated with day to day professional translation, surely, assistance in some way is required. Translation services are the consultancies that render facilities for conversion of different kinds of languages and help the seekers in the process. This could be for business, finance, literature, medicine, website, or legal and others and the mastery of the translator is determined based on the type of conversion.

Why are Translation Services important?

Language translation is a delicate and quite sensitive job that requires skill and patience. It can be achieved by the professionals who have gained expertise in the area by performing the procedure over a considerable period of time. Translation services are important as an inappropriate conversion could start wars and cost lives, and history has been a witness to the same. It is also important that the original context is being understood by the translator and isn’t changing its meaning.

Why do you need Translation Services?

Among the many uses, the most common reasons for the requirement of translation services would be for financial, business and banking translations in the growing corporate world. The conversion of the related documents and any other type of material like website content, reports, presentations, etc. aids in the advancement in the globalization and expansion of the business. The assistance provided is professional and certified which in return ensures the accuracy of the work.

Who needs Translation Services?

Almost every sector needs a language to language conversion of some kind at some point in their careers, from schools and hospitals to law firms and business organizations. Translation services for families are availed for documents that are generally required for documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving licenses, passports, and so on; while translation services for schools are needed to translate material like brochures, school website, textbook material, school leaflets, etc.

Apart from the uses of translation in families and schools, another significant area of medicine which we come across in some way in our everyday routine. Translation services for hospitals are required for the conversion of patient records, clinical research, lab tests, and others which help in the interpretation of data and analysis further which will aid in numerous ways.

Document Translation Services

There are different kinds of documents that are required at different places and at times may necessitate translation as well. Our translation services for documents range vastly and there is a long list for you to state your requirement to us. These documents are of three different types mostly, namely - personal documents, educational documents, and commercial documents. Personal documents are those that are related to a person at an individual level like birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. Educational documents are evidence of your academic achievements over the years which are mostly mandated in institutions and workplaces. On the other hand, commercial documents are the papers of your ownership over a business capital, be it a service, a shop or a manufacturing company.

  • Financial consultancy
  • Audit documents
  • Bank statements
  • Annual reports
  • Investment marketing
  • Insurance marketing
  • Insurance policy
  • Equity research
  • Shareholder information
  • business correspondence
  • Campaigns
  • Advertising
  • CV translation

Language Translation Services

In order to attain proper communication with the world around you, there is a need for conversion of some kind at times. Language translation can be a conversion from regional to regional language, foreign to a foreign language, or regional to foreign language and vice versa. PEC is one of the international translation agencies that provide accurate foreign language translation services along with the assurance of confidentiality of your data.

It is quite important to understand that the best language translation agencies are to be employed so that your material is in good hands and proficiency is guaranteed. Wrong language conversion could have plenty of consequences as it is not a word to word conversion but understanding and changing the sentence or the complete material as a whole.

Languages list which we serve

Types of Translation Services

Translation can be needed for different reasons in different areas, for different languages, for instance, translation services for business or for legal documents. We at PEC provide services for quite a wide range of utilities. Our services are listed below:

  • 1. Business Translation

    It is the kind of document conversion that is related to commercial and administrative documents of business capital. The process can be carried out for in-organization purposes or for out of organization causes.

  • 2. Technical Translation

    Translating technical material like user manuals, patents, technical brochures, etc. is what comprises this particular section. The translators need to be thorough with the technical terms for this kind.

  • 3. Legal Translation

    Legal documents are converted for various law-related reasons and generally require attestation of the translated document. Certified translators are required for this type of language conversion.

  • 4. Medical Translation

    Medical content requires conversion as there are various kinds of documents that are necessitated by distinct medicine-related organizations like research papers, patient information, medical prescriptions, and so on.

  • 5. Financial Translation

    The conversion of bank documents and others that indicate financial or economic information, is included in this type. The documents translated comprise of balance sheets, financial reports, bank statements, and others.

  • 6. Literary Translation

    As the name suggests, this section consists of the conversion of any text or content that is related to literature. Poems, novels and novellas, blogs, and many others are the types of literature material that are translated.

  • 7. Academic Translation

    The conversion of academic documents is what this kind of conversion is comprised of. Academic certificates, textbooks, brochures, etc are the kind of documents that are translated in academics.

  • 8. Website Translation

    Easy to understand, the conversion of web pages from one language to another is what this section is all about. Various kinds of websites are converted to reach to the intended audience and get desired traffic.

  • 9. Script Translation

    The translation of dialogues and scenes that are composed in the script are translated in this process. These scripts are of different types, they could be stage plays, movies, online short videos, and others.

How to get the Best Translation Services in India?

Obtaining best-certified services for conversion from language to language could be a challenging job. How would one even actually know if the service is as per their convenience? Let us make it easy for you, we have certified and skilled translators at PEC along with a coordinating support staff which will assist to your queries 24/7 online. Customers are of utmost priority to us and we assure that your documents are handled professionally and confidentiality will be maintained as well.

How much do Translation Services cost?

Translation service price is determined by the domain the conversion is associated with, the languages that are involved, or type of content that is to be converted. It differs from service to service and the costs at PEC are permissible looking at the quality of service that we render.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I translate a document into English?

In order to translate a document in English, you must first know what kind of material you need to get converted, suppose, it is available in a regional or foreign language and you need to get it translated to English. This will decide what category of translation services you need to approach for the conversion and you can then acquire the desired service.

Do translators need to be certified?

Translators do not necessarily need to be certified for every kind of translation. However, if the translation belongs to the sort legal or document, a certified translator is mandatory. Law-related documents are confidential and sensitive and only the government approved translators should be trusted with this kind of document conversion.

What to look for in a translation service?

While looking for a translation service, there are four main aspects that need to be considered - service, translators, quality and the cost.
  • The services that are being provided by the agency should be legitimate and posses a considerable period of experience in the area of translation.
  • Translators employed in the translation company must have acquired skill proficiency in the kind of conversion that is being asked for.
  • The quality of the facilities being provided should be superior and have the capability to affirm accuracy in the conversion.
  • The cost of the translation should be reasonable looking at the facilities that are being rendered. Cheaper costs do not mean that the quality of the conversion is assured and too high prices do not mean that you actually need all those conveniences that are promised.

Why human translation is better than machine translation?

Machine translation might save some time for the human translator, however, the machine would not needfully understand if the conversion is sticking to its original context, for instance, in the case of literary translation it is essential that the emotions that are imposed by the original translator are being conveyed correctly through the conversion and machines haven’t evolved enough to interpret these sentiments. A machine converts the content from word to word or sentence to sentence but not every conversion makes sense when translated non-contextually.

Why are translation services so expensive?

The conversion of languages is a skilled task that requires years of experience and proficiency in the work. People are multilingual, but that does not mean that they can efficiently perform the conversion of the content with appropriate grammar. Translation services are professionals who solely perform this very job and have given years of their lives in attaining this expertise in the area. Also, when a complete conversion is being expected, it is not performed by a single translator. The primary task of conversion is done by the translator and then the document is proofread by another person who is dominant in the language in which the conversion is done.

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