NORKA attestation - The Definitive Guide

NORKA is a specialized organization that is based in Kerala. It has several duties towards Keralites, one of which is certificate attestation of documents. It can be confusing for a commoner to approach the process individually, and assimilating assistance can prove to be helpful. Yet, NORKA has simplified the procedure for the Keralites who do not stay in the state by making the process online. The individual can be anywhere in the country or outside the country, and can still apply for the procedure.

What is certificate attestation?

What is NORKA?

NORKA or Non-Residential Keralites Affairs is an association that functions for the welfare of the resident and non-resident Keralites. NORKA-ROOTS has several roles, some of which include attestation of documents, recruitment of the Keralites as Nurses and Domestic Service Workers in Gulf countries, help track the missing and troubled Keralites out of India, among others. Overseas recruitment is one of the virtues of NORKA-ROOTS and it has been in the field for more than 20 years now.

NORKA Headquarters’ are situated in three different locations - Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, and Kozhikode. It was formed on December 6th, 1996. NORKA-ROOTS exclusively works in Kerala and has no branches anywhere other than in the state. As per the Ministry of External Affairs, NORKA can authorize employment in the 18 ECR countries - Afghanistan, Bahrain, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

What is NORKA Attestation?

Documents need to be attested for a variety of reasons. NORKA Attestation is about the attestation of educational documents issued in the state of Kerala. It is a kind of HRD attestation which is done only for the government-approved educational documents - UGC/AICTE/NCERT. A stamp and signature are obtained from the NORKA on the back of the document as proof of its authenticity. The department has its own ties with the higher authorities that aid in the educational certificate attestation. It further depends on the country of destination whether these documents need attestation or apostille of documents and respectively, the procedure shall differ too.

Why is it required?

With the growing literacy rate, the requirements for jobs and even the opportunities are also increasing. This brings in the need for expanding the horizon of chances one could have. The educational documents are proof of one's curricular achievements and are required at the time of acquiring a job or pursuing higher education. NORKA Attestation of educational documents is required at the time when a Keralite is applying for a student or employment visa or even at the time when the NORKA-ROOTS is rendering assistance in employing the individual in nursing or as a domestic service worker.

Why is attestation required?

How to do NORKA Attestation?

Applying for NORKA Attestation is an online procedure. In order to get NORKA attestation, you need to perform an online application process and submit the educational documents along with the original passport. When carrying out NORKA attestation it must be made sure that the documents provided are in good condition.

NORKA Attestation Procedure

The NORKA officials will verify and attest the documents providing them with a stamp and a signature. These documents are then sent to the headquarters in Delhi for the further attestation procedure. The step-by-step procedure is given below:

  • Online Application:

    An online application form is provided by the NORKA-ROOTS officials which is to be filled completely and properly by the candidate. This form contains information that is personal and also about the university or board that is concerned with the issuance of your educational documents.

  • Submission of documents:

    After filling the form online, necessary documents are to be scanned and provided with the form. In the process of authentication, the original passport is also required to aid the procedure. These documents are attested by the NORKA officials and are sent further for MEA and embassy attestation.

  • MEA Attestation:

    When the attestation of documents is done from the NORKA, the documents are dispatched to the NRK Development Office, Delhi and they are certified by MEA. This could be done by providing just the stamp for attestation or providing a sticker on the backside of the document along with the official MEA stamp.

  • Embassy attestation:

    After the attestation from the MEA, the documents are later verified by the respective embassy officials. This is the final step in the certificate attestation after which the documents are couriered back to the applicant.

Why are degree certificates being attested in NORKA?

Educational documents are of utmost importance for several legal and non-legal processes. Previously, even these documents used to be attested by the regional and religious organizations and hence the legalization was not credible enough for the higher authorities in the country and abroad as well. This gave rise to the need for a better and licensed association and, therefore, NORKA was established.

NORKA-ROOTS is licensed by the Protector General of Emigrants which grants permits to several national and international legal procedures. The 18 countries accredit the authentication of documents when obtained from NORKA and allow the job-seekers to work in their country.

How Many Days Will Take for NORKA Attestation?

There are different kinds of educational documents and even the organization of issuance differs. The time required for NORKA Attestation is dependant upon several facts, for instance, the educational department they are being received from, the country the document is being authenticated for, whether or not there is a requirement for the verification from the board or university and others. Normally, it might take about 3 to 7 business days to get the certificate attestation from NORKA only. It depends on the country’s embassy as well, for instance, attestation for Saudi requires a couple or more months, while UAE embassy attestation can be done within weeks.

What is the cost to Get NORKA Attestation?

While calculating the attestation fee for NORKA, there are certain aspects that are considered. The attestation procedures that you are availing from the agency, the type of educational document and the location from where you are approaching the legalization procedure, add-on services like authentication on an urgent basis or pick-up and drop facility for the documents and others. To know prices for NORKA attestation services, contact our consultants.

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