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PEC attestation is proficient in doing what we do, that is, providing the best of attestation, apostille and translation services. We have 6+ years of experience as service providers and we have our staff trained to render services as per the customer convenience. Our team is through with the processes that are to be followed in the legalization of documents or translation of any material.

Attestation Services

Attestation is simply the process of authenticating the document to prove its credibility. Attestation services at PEC are remarkable and lawful. We provide services for various attestation procedures at different levels and throughout the country. PEC has document attestation for all types of document attestation, that is - personal, educational and commercial.

Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is the attestation of documents from the embassy of the country you are obtaining a visa for or are dealing in business with. Our embassy attestation services are quick and hassle-free and we provide for Gulf nations like UAE embassy attestation, Qatar embassy attestation, and others along with the countries that require embassy attestation as a part of verification.

MEA Attestation

The central government certification of documents and certificates in India is what is known as the Ministry of External Affairs attestation. The MEA is a department of the central government that deals with all the foreign affairs. PEC provides efficient services for the MEA attestation for all types of documents for different states in India. We are available 24*7 online to take in queries from our existing and potential customers to ensure best services.

HRD Attestation

The attestation performed by the Human Resource Department is exclusive to educational documents. The HRD attestation is the state level organization that deals with the Human Resource areas. We provide HRD attestation services along with the university verification of your documents. Our utilities include educational certificate attestation for UAE, Qatar, UK, China, and other significant countries.

Home Department Attestation/Mantralaya Attestation

Home Department attestation is the process of personal document attestation that is carried out at the state level. The officials in charge are the only ones who are allowed to attest documents. We at PEC perform Home Department Attestation for states across India along with Mantralaya Attestation in Maharashtra. The services are in the least time taken and if required, our services can be availed on an urgent basis as well.

SDM Attestation

SDM attestation or attestation by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate is an attestation procedure that is carried out as an alternative for Home Department Attestation or HRD attestation. However, HRD attestation for UAE and a few other countries is mandatory and SDM attestation is not acceptable.

GAD Attestation

GAD attestation is the attestation of educational documents and certificates that were issued by the state of Telangana. The educational certificate attestation is solely performed for the state and is carried out at the time when the individual requires to attain education from abroad. GAD is the General Administration Department, a state authorization based in the city of Hyderabad that deals with the state affairs.

Notary Attestation

Notary attestation is the initial step of any sort of attestation, be it personal document attestation, educational document attestation or commercial document attestation. It is performed at the primary level by the local notary. It could be required for various causes like attestation for obtaining a visa, performing business deals overseas, judicial purposes, and several others.

Apostille Services

Apostille of documents is necessitated when one is traveling to a country that is a part of the Hague Convention. It is provided by the MEA in the form of an apostille sticker (apostille stamp in some cases) and does not require any additional foreign government authentication for the documents. When you obtain an apostille sticker for even one of the Apostille Hague Convention countries, you can travel to any apostille country without requiring to obtain the sticker again, that is if the validity of the apostille allows.

Translation Services

It is very important to hire a certified translation agency to carry out the translation of your documents and certificates, or any other type of content to make sure that high accuracy is assured with the translation. PEC has a variety of translation services for a set of languages and different kinds of material. The professional translators translate the paperwork and other types of content with effectiveness.

Document Translation Services

The document translation is performed at the times when you require translation of your documents when two different authorities with different fundamental languages are involved. This includes birth certificate translation, marriage certificate translation, degree certificate translation and other certificate translation procedures. It could also be a part of attestation or apostille as different countries have different languages as their nationals.

Language Translation Services

Language translation is the translation of different types of material from one language translation to another, which could be a regional to regional language translation, or foreign to foreign translation, regional to foreign language translation or vice versa. PEC provides translation services for an English translation, Spanish translation, French translation, Gujarati translation, Malayalam translation, and plenty of others.

Translation Types

PEC provides a variety of translation services for a wide range of languages. The content that we translate varies from documents to theses, a website to judicial and others. We provide legal translation for your judicial and attestation needs, medical translation for all types of medical documents like research, theses, patient records, etc., technical translation for your tech-related user guides, manuals, etc., and website translation for websites of different kinds with a wide range of web content.

Certificate Verification

Authenticity of the educational certificates is required by many countries when you're trying to settle abroad or going for work/education. Verification letter from university proves genuinity of your documents.We provide rapid educational certificate verification in India for certificates like mark sheets verification, transcript verification.

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