Business Translation Services - The Definitive Guide

Due to globalization and liberalization, translation has become one of the prerequisites in the global expansion of businesses. Hence, only the best commercial translation services must be hired in order to ensure the accuracy of the conversion. Certified business translation services are the consultancies that assist in obtaining administrative and commercial translation services. Employing professional translation services will allow conversion of a wide range of documents and texts for the cause of business.

Business translation

What is a Business Translation?

Business translation meaning is just the conversion of the business text in the form of types of documents, contracts, business websites, and so on. The conversion should be as convincing as the original content and must be able to adapt to the business cultures. This process can help in localization of your professional venture and aid the global expansion of your business.

What is a Commercial Translation?

The commercial translation is the conversion of commercial documents from one language to another without altering the proclamation of the document. In these documents, the commercial terminology is of maximum significance as the terms cannot be taken lightly. The arithmetics of profits and losses must be mentioned appropriately and so as to maintain proper communication among multilingual clients.

What is an Administrative Translation?

Administrative translation can simply be defined as the conversion of administrative documents performed for the business administrations concerned. This type of conversion is generally necessitated when an organization is MNC or it has multilingual employees. Since the commercial documents are government-related documents, proficiency in the legal terminology is required by the certified translators. The translation is performed for managerial content that is used in business companies for carrying out certain administration related tasks.

Documents list for Business, Commercial, Administrative Translation

There is an extensive list of documents that are translated under the business, administrative or commercial translation type. Some of the document lists for translation rendered by PEC is mentioned below:

  1. Business document
  2. Business plans
  3. Business proposals
  4. Business Correspondence
  5. Administrative conversion
  6. Agreements and Contracts
  7. Tender Documentation
  8. Insurance
  9. Annual Reports
  10. Company Documentation
  11. Brochures
  12. Advertising Material, etc
  13. Corporate communications
  1. General briefs
  2. Assessments
  3. Industry studies
  4. White papers
  5. News articles
  6. News releases
  7. PowerPoint presentations
  8. Leaflets
  9. Magazines
  10. Sales pitch
  11. Employment contracts
  12. Employee and customer satisfaction surveys

Why Business Translation is important?

The significance of business translation can be speculated in so many ways. It helps in gaining investors’ trust by the conversion of business documents to the languages that are being incorporated by them. This shall also ease up the global marketing deals and agreements between the investor and entrepreneur which will ultimately be resulting in the advancement of the international business.

Why Commercial Translation is difficult?

There are several aspects that make commercial translation difficult, for instance, the conversion requires high accuracy and contextual correctness, the translation needs to be influential enough to reach the target audience with unchanged intent. Financial profits and losses must be interpreted appropriately allowing proper analysis of the data to the concerned party.

How to get a Business Document Translation?

In order to get a worldwide conversion for your blooming business, you can approach a business translation agency and attain conversion of your business work with accuracy. PEC provides the best language translation services for start-ups as well as well-founded businesses. We have all sorts of business conversion available for types of native languages. We have been in the area for about 6+ years now and have gained expertise in the same.

How much does a Business Translation cost?

Business translation rates depend upon the type of the document and the type of the conversion that is to be performed, along with the requirement of a non-certified or certified translator. Even the range of the cost of business translation cannot actually be determined vaguely. However, reach out to us and let us know about your query and our executives will get you the best deals on affordable translation services.

Why choose PEC?

PEC has been functioning for more than 6 years now and has acquired itself the title of best services in India. We have developed this faith and trust all because of the support and experience that we have gained over the years. PEC affirms the quality of the conversion and assists you in getting the best version of the facility.

  • Quality Assurance:
    We have been in the area long enough to determine the quality of the service. PEC affirms the quality of the conversion and assists you in getting the best version of the facility.
  • Responsive Customer Support:
    Our consultants are available round the clock to receive your queries online. The team is responsive and patient to understand the necessity of the client.
  • Professional Enthusiasts:
    We have experts linguists that are proficient in the job that they perform. The translators are experienced and knowledgeable to ensure to the point conversion of text.
  • Quick and Accurate Translation:
    The accuracy of the task is ensured with fast and hassle-free services. It is carried out only by the legitimate translators.
  • Free Pick-up & Drop Service:
    We also provide you with pick-up and drop facilities for the documents to aid your convenience. We will collect the documents from your doorstep and render them back to you after processing them.
  • Secure and Confidential:
    We maintain the confidentiality of the material that you entrust us with and there shall be utmost security to discern no compromise of the documents.

Simple step by step process for your application

PEC services help make various procedures mandated periodically much easier affirming client convenience. We make sure that we render precise and authentic services by interposing you to round the clock team and supportive service. All you have to do is fill in the details of the facility that you require; upload and submit your original documents; make a transaction online and you are done. While you relax, we’ll provide you the certified certificates and translated documents as per your requirement


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