How to get Single Status or Unmarried Certificate In India?

Single Status Certificate

Do you know a single Status certificate, a Bachelorhood certificate, or an unmarried certificate is a frequently asked query for a Visa and majorly for marriage-related processes?

So, you're dreaming about marrying someone from another country? That's amazing! But before you dive into wedding plans, there's this thing you need to know about called a Single Status Certificate. It's kinda like your relationship passport, especially if you're planning to get hitched in places that follow Hague rules.

Getting a single status certificate apostille is super important, seriously! It's like making sure all your info is spot-on and true. This certificate tells if someone is married, single, divorced, or a widow. So, getting this affidavit of single status is necessary.

What are the necessary documents for Indians to obtain a Singlehood or Single Status certificate or Unmarried Certificate?

Below is a list of the required documents for obtaining a single status certificate or bachelorhood certificate:

  • Affidavit: Confirming you're single.
  • Address Proof: Aadhar Card or Passport.
  • Birth Proof: Birth Certificate or Schooling Certificate.
  • Parental Confirmation: Letter from parents with their Aadhar Cards.
  • Previous Marriage: Divorce Certificate (if applicable).
  • Widowhood: Death Certificate (if applicable).

Once you've got these papers, you need to get the affidavit stamped and signed by the right authorities so you can use it properly.

How to Get a Single Status Certificate/ Unmarried Certificate Apostille in India

Below is the 4-step simple process for getting a single status / unmarried certificate apostille in India.

Step 1: Prepare Your Affidavit

    • Make an affidavit declaring your single status with the help of a notary.

Step 2: Get Attestation

    • Choose either the State Home Department or Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) for attestation.
    • Your affidavit needs to be stamped by one of these authorities to make it official.

Step 3: Apostille by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

    • Once attested, your affidavit moves to the Ministry of External Affairs for Apostille.
    • Apostille is a special stamp that validates your Single Status Certificate internationally.

Step 4: Additional Embassy Attestation (if required)

    • If the country of your partner isn't on the Hague Nation List, you'll need Embassy Attestation along with Apostille.
    • This ensures your document is recognized in countries not covered by the Hague Convention.

If you need a single status certificate Apostille, think about reaching out to a reliable agency that focuses on attestation and apostille. Their team knows how to handle documents well, so you won't have to worry about mistakes. They'll make sure everything gets done right, saving you a bunch of time and money. So why not give them a shout?

What's a Single Status Affidavit In India And How Do People Use It?

let's talk about something called a single status affidavit. It's basically a paper where you write down some important stuff about yourself, like when you were born and details from your passport.

Now, the person who writes this paper is called the deponent. They're the one who swears that everything written down is true, to the best of their knowledge. And usually, there's someone else called a witness who confirms that what's written is true too.

Now, why would you need one of these affidavits? Well, they can be used as evidence in court cases or other legal situations. It's like having a piece of paper that says, "Yep, everything this person said is legit!"

Where can I get a single status affidavit?

If you need to obtain a single status affidavit, there are several places you can look into:

  • Government Offices: Check with your local registrar's office, civil registry, or vital statistics office.
  • Embassy or Consulate: If you're abroad, inquire at your country's embassy or consulate for assistance.
  • Notary Public: Many notaries offer affidavit services, including single-status affidavits.
  • Legal Service Providers: Law firms and legal service providers can help prepare affidavits.
  • Online Services: Look for reputable online platforms offering affidavit templates and assistance.

Why Apostille is needed for an unmarried Certificate?

You know, some countries don't just take a simple piece of paper saying whether someone is married or not. They want extra assurance to prevent any trickery. That's where the apostille comes in. 

It's like a stamp that makes the document legit for foreign countries.

Having an apostille means you don't have to spend time calling or emailing back and forth to verify things. It's like a shortcut that saves everyone's time and speeds up the whole process. So, if you're planning to tie the knot in another country, having that apostille on your unmarried certificate is super important.

What is the Format of a Single Status Certificate?

First off, what's an affidavit? It's like a formal way of saying something to prove it's true. When it comes to getting a single status certificate, there's no set way to write this affidavit. But there are some things you should include to make sure it's all good for the Indian embassy.

So, when you're writing your single status affidavit, just remember to keep it simple, truthful, and to the point. That way, you'll have no trouble getting that certificate from the Indian embassy.

Sample of Affidavit of Single Status Certificate.

There are a few things you've got to include:

    • Affiant says they are single
    • Parents confirm if the affiant is married
    • Applicant's birthdate and passport number
    • Where the affiant currently lives
    • Someone confirms affiant isn't married
    • Authority checks if documents are real
    • Affiant signs and dates form

Sample of Affidavit of Single Status Certificate

Validity of Single status Certificate Apostille

So, you've got your Single Status Certificate apostilled, right? Cool, but there's something you need to know about how long it's good for.

Usually, an apostille document is only valid for 6 months. But hey, don't stress too much! Some countries might still accept it even if it's older, like a year old.

But here's the deal: it really depends on which country you're planning to show it in. Different places have different rules about this stuff.

The best way to find out for sure is to ask the people who handled your apostille. They'll know what's up and can give you the lowdown on whether your document is still good to go.

Cost of the apostille for unmarried or bachelorhood certificate

When you want to get your single status document apostilled, you'll have to pay a few different fees. These fees can vary depending on where you're applying from, and they cover things like charges from different authorities, fees for the apostille service itself, how many documents you need to get apostilled, what type of document it is, and some other fees that might pop up along the way.

Honestly, it can be a bit tricky to figure out exactly how much it's going to cost you because it's different for everyone and depends on where you're applying from. Your best bet is to reach out to an apostille service provider. They can take a look at your situation, the documents you have, and where you're applying from, and then give you a clearer idea of all the charges you might face.

Time Required to complete the unmarried certificate Apostille

Getting an unmarried certificate apostilled takes some time because there are several authorities (DM or SDM) involved. 

It usually takes around 10 to 12 days, but it can vary depending on where you got the certificate from. 

If you want to speed things up, it's important to pick a good apostille service agency that you trust. They can help make the process faster.

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