7 Reasons to Translate Your Website

In the growing marketplace of the internet, these days, many users from across the globe are starting to use the web. This can be for buying any products, getting themselves serviced or any other surfing indulgements. Not all of these users speak or understand only English. This has beckoned on e-commerce and other online companies to also feature the same data and content in languages which that specific particular individual will be able to read when he/she are unable to read English itself. In the following article, we present you the 7 reasons which may compel you to translate your website.

  • The world is a Global Marketplace, English is not enough

The internet is a global marketplace. It accounts up to a population of more than 3 billion users. That’s almost 40% of the world’s population and the number still keeps on growing. English speakers account 28% of the online population, while the remaining speak other languages like Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, German, French or Malay. So, if you see this whole picture, posting just in English on the internet would be a slack job. (On the other hand, 55% content available on the internet is in English)
Hence, we conclude that only English is not enough and it would be a great thing if the content on the internet comes out in other languages as well.

  • When your Company sells abroad

If your company operating in foreign markets already or is even planning to do so sometime soon, then it makes good perfect sense of providing your products’ or services’ information in the relevant language national to your potential customers. This makes the business more adept. You become good at what you do.
So, in such cases, you should go to a translation company to get a language translation service.

  • You want to strengthen your Brand

The first impression matters a lot. People are surely judging your company when they are looking for what they need on your website. So, custom tailoring the messages, taking care of your international customers in that way will enhance the business and the reputation of your company will also change for good. All this is eventually going to strengthen your brand. Many certified translation services are available for one’s going out to do so.

  • Your site’s data suggests - Translating makes sense

Whenever after any audit take care of understanding all the reports. If your users or even the organic traffic coming on your website is mostly foreign while the data on your website is of some other language which is a little harder to understand, then translating does make sense. Audit reports do loads of time tell you to do the same. Taking a cursory tour of your website will also tell you if translating makes sense or not.

  • You want to improve conversion rates

If your website is receiving loads of traffic from users who do not speak your language, then the translation is going to help your site’s conversion rates. This will be true with expensive acquisitions which require more of the extensive labour to make your company boom.

  • You want to improve User Experience and SEO on a Global Scale

When done properly, multilingual SEO can help improve a lot of your web site's ranking and visibility. Whether be your company B2B or B2C, do not forget that communication is always an H2H process. By providing a well and custom tailored user experience on your site for the users, establish a better emotional connection with your global audience. Improve SEO this way and also the user experience on a global scale. Fetch professional translational service for the same.

  • Website localisation matters a lot

The localisation of your website does matter a lot. This means the process of adapting the existing website to the local language and culture of the target market. It is the process of adapting a website in a different linguistic or cultural context where the local users implying the whole marketplace users themselves are at ease of shopping.

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posted on 24 Jan, 2019. Posted In translation.

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