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This article covers the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the translation services that one needs while documents and certificate attestation process. These translation services are usually taken under consideration as countries differ in their language criteria and sometimes some documents or even certificates cannot be recognized by that other country as the language used is different. During such situations, one needs to get attestation services where the language is changed and then that legal document or the certificate is then recognized. Only after this can you thus proceed with procuring your Visa.

1) When and Why I Need Translation?

You will need a translation of your legal documents and other certificates while applying for colleges abroad, immigration situation, or business and corporate dealings and other legal scenarios. This is required as one’s legal documents or even some certificates are not in the language that can be recognized by the country you are going to. At such times, you need to translate and get attested such documents or certificates and then proceed with your Visa.

2) Types of Translation

  • Medical Translation

In this type of translation, various documents like training materials, medical bulletins, drug data sheets for health care, medical devices, marketing, or even for clinical, regulatory or technical documentation.

  • Technical Translation

This is a type of specialized translation involving the translation of documents produced by technical writers which include the owner’s guide or the user’s manual. More specifically, texts which relate to technological subject areas or texts which deal with the practical applications of scientific or technological information are included here.

  • Legal Translation

Legal translations are the translation of texts within the field of law. As we know, the law is a culture dependent field of subject, it's not necessarily linguistically transparent and most of it is exact and technical seeking to precisely define legally binding rights and duties. Best described as the translation of treaties, contracts and many other legal documents. Only the specialized agencies and other literature specialists can work out on such kind of translation.

  • Website Translation

Website translation means translation of the data and the other content that is already present there on the website into the specified language. This involves special website translator services or can also be taken care of by computer-aided translators as well.

3) How Do You Know That a Translator Is Good?

Spotting a good translator is not as hard as you might think. Perhaps, the qualities of a good translator are a little bit more obvious than others. For example, impeccable references, good reputation and accreditations. Other qualities include a passion for the work they do, rich vocabulary, they should be educated in a given language, etc. He/She also requires great language skills for the same and expertise in the work also comes with experience. Professionalism is a prerequisite which comes with hard work and, more experience in the industry.

4) Why Is Human Translation Expensive?

Excellent services and good quality work cannot be acquired without paying more. The translation is such a job where you require an expert and the service provided isn't for cheap. Human translation is expensive as the translator takes care of all the factors and will deliver you a proper translation of the matter you sent them. Machine translation these days is working on but its a can’t say for some or many translation situations.

5) How Can I Be Sure of the Quality and Confidentiality of My Translation?

The quality of your translation will depend on the price you pay for it. You may get it off for free by using the Google Translator but as they use AI the quality of that translation may not be as good as you think. On the other hand, if the expert translator you sent your work to is experienced and accredited, their work will be top notch and nothing to worry about. So to be sure of the quality of the translation you should take care to whom you proceed with your work. Confidentiality is definitely you must think about and proceed to some high ranked translator as they are always highly confidential with the work they do, however sensitive your data be.

6) What Is Machine Translation? Why Is It Cheaper?

Machine Translation(MT) is the translation of your data/matter using a computer. On a basic level, MT performs a simple substitution of words from language to another using proper grammar code. This type of translation is cheaper as all you use is electric energy of that computer and nothing else as the software or the internet application you use may be already bought or on a project basis and the work delivered is fast. On the other hand, a professional translator uses his literary knowledge and will surely charge way more when compared to Machine Translation.

7) Why Use Certificated Translator Than Machine Translation?

In many cases, the data/excerpt or that whole work that you need to translate may have such jargon that the machine cannot handle. Also, if there are some problems in the material that is being translated, cannot yield good results by a machine translator as it is Artificial Intelligence that does the work of translation. Other artistic writing is hard to translate off MT and thus this work will surely go to a Certified Translator. Thus, under such kind of situations, you should proceed to a Certified Translator than Machine Translation.

8) What Is Your Process for Translation?

Process for translation depends on how you want to proceed with translating the material you want to get translated. In one case you may proceed with machine translation and thus can go on the internet and use a free translator. But this type is not as good and buying off a good translating software is a great choice. In the other case, you need to find a properly certified translator in your city and buy his services and he will deliver you the job.

9) How Quickly Can I Get My Translation?

Getting your translation done has many ways as discussed above and thus how much time each way takes will surely be different. Machine Translation (MT) doesn't take much time and will be delivered to you right away. On the other hand, a professional translator will take way more time to translate the material you need translated and waiting time will be there.

10) How Can I Pay?

Paying for a translation service can be done using cash, cheques, card payment or any other acceptable mode of money payment.

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