5 Time-Saving Tips for Creating and Organizing Your Export Documents

Going into the exporting business? This is a great way to expand your business internationally. The way is not as hard but surely time taking. You firstly need to get all your legal documents cleared. Then wait for the permissions to come out. After you will need to take care of the shipment and lastly to continue at the same rate, you will need to do more work and all this is pretty time-consuming. In the following article, we have discussed some good time-saving tips for creating and organizing your export documents so that the business runs smoothly.

Tip 1. Learn everything you can about Exporting

‘Exporting’ is a huge topic where the more you know about it the better. Having knowledge about the whole thing makes it easier to get into the business of export. It simplifies your whys and hows of this trade. The more you know the better with the whole procedure and filling forms gets easy. This will ultimately let you know about what documents you actually need to create and just makes things go faster. 

Tip 2. Use Shipping Solutions Export Documentation Software

The fastest way to create export documents is by using the Shipping Solutions software. It makes filling forms up to five times faster than using templates or even other paper documents. Just fill up your export information once and then this software will automatically populate your data fields for almost all the required export documents.

Tip 3. Maintain Complete Records of your Export Shipments

Keep a thorough paper record of all your export shipments. Filing, documenting and keeping all these papers is a very effective way of taking care of your old deals and maintaining good professional relationships. The regulations require you maintain such export documents for at least 5 years after an export transaction is complete. These records include,
Printed copies of the export documents like the invoice, packing list, bill of lading, country of origin certificates, account details, purchase orders and sales records.
All the records of the export compliance screenings (for audited companies)
Email Archives as well should be stored.
All this will thus keep everything very organized for your export.

Tip 4. Keep Your Records Accessible

Keeping a whole thorough record is great but won't do any good if the storage unit of these records is out of the city and an auditor or a regulator comes to your office and requests to see your files on the spot. Making this issue clear in meetings and discussing with your colleagues is a good one and keeping them secure and accessible helps to sort your work and make things easier that way. Being well organized is a great key to success.

Tip 5. Audit Your Export Compliance Efforts

Sometimes, you need someone else out of the company who knows the business and doesn't know how things go around in your company; and get his view on what is actually happening. He is aware of how things go on in this trade market and then let him audit your company. This is a very effective way and you will learn a lot out of such an audit. Efforts taken are efforts taken and comply with the new ways or rules and all is going great.

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