5 Common Export Documents

5 Common Export Documents

Going to start the export of your product? There are many challenges you will face while heading out on this. The market may look enormous, but hanging on is challenging. You firstly need to clear all your legal documents and other reports before you can even head out for export opportunities. Some countries which you will export your product to need all the export documents necessary ready and here are the essential 5 common documents you will require for the same :

  • Bill Of Lading

Bill Of Lading

It is a legal document made between the shipper and the carrier that states the type, quantity and the to-be destination of the good to be carried. It also serves as a shipment receipt when the carrier delivers the goods at the predetermined destination. Along with this document, the shipment should follow at the destination, whatever be the mode of transportation. Authorized personnel from the carrier, shipper and receiver will thus sign it. Say, some exporter needs to export his product in Dubai, he should produce this Bill of Lading wherever required. Foreign affairs attestation Dubai will do all this and you will have your Bill of Lading ready for the go.

  • Certificate Of Origin

It is a document used in international trade. It may be in the printed form or an electronic document which has to be completed by the exporter and has to be certified by a recognized issuing body. It attests that the particular goods in the export shipment have been produced, manufactured or processed in that particular country. For example, an exporter from Bangalore can get his Certificate of Origin by attestation in Bangalore.

  • Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice is a customs document used in foreign trade. It's used as a customs declaration provided by the person or the corporation which are exporting their product across international borders.

Commercial Invoice & Consular Invoice

  • Consular Invoice

A consular invoice is a document certifying the shipment of goods and entrails other information such as the consignor, the consignee and also the value of the shipment. It is required by some countries to facilitate customs and collection of taxes.

  • Insurance Certificate

The Certificate of Insurance is a document that is used to provide information on insurance coverage. This certificate provides the verification of the insurance and usually has the insurance company’s name, policy number, the name of the insurer, limits of coverage and the policies effective periods.

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