MEA Attestation of Certificate Of Incorporation

Central organizations with exclusively allotted duties are essential for any nation. When it is about the legalization of documents, MEA in India is the department that carries out document attestation for the certificates issued in this country. Ministry of External Affairs Attestation is done for all types of certificates.

MEA attestation of Certificate Of Incorporation is classified under commercial document attestation. It is necessitated for various national and international purposes. Certificate Of Incorporation attestation services can be benefited while performing the process as they are the experts and are savvy with the procedure in and out. It is therefore, helpful and facile.

What is Certificate Of Incorporation attestation and why is it required?

An incorporation certificate is a legal document related to the constitution of a limited company or corporation. It is a valid permit to form a organization processed by the central government or, in some jurisdictions by the Ministry of External Affairs. Its definite importance relies upon the legal system in which Company’s House grants it for each limited liability company after its authorized registration in India.

Why is MEA Attestation needed for a Certificate Of Incorporation?

MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is a government department that attends to the foreign matters of the nation. MEA attestation in India is performed at the capital of the country, Delhi where its headquarters are situated. MEA document attestation procedure was regionalized on January 1st, 2019. It is to be done only by the certified officials.

MEA attestation of Certificate Of Incorporation is done to authenticate the document so that it can be further verified by the concerned embassy. MEA attestation for visa also includes the authentication of the Certificate Of Incorporation. Although, it is not always one of the obligatory necessities.

How to get Ministry of External Affairs attestation for a Certificate Of Incorporation?

India is a vast country with a massive population and hence drawing in the burden on the confined government departments. Hence, MEA which is a part of it, it is difficult to acquire MEA attestation from the department personally and straight away. Which makes it reasonable to hire the skilled attestation services to help approach the government authorities that are involved in the procedure.

PEC is an attestation agency that has prospered for over more than 6 years and has accomplished expertise in the area. We have the best staff and the consultants are practised in rendering services that are legal and authentic. We render facilities across the nation for both, inbound and outbound documents. You can reach out to us anytime as our customer care team is present online round the clock assistance for your requests.

How to get your Documents Attested?
How to get your Documents Attested?

MEA Attestation Procedure

  • Chamber Of Commerce Attestation
    Chamber of Commerce is an organization of the local businessmen and authentication from this organization is the initial step for the commercial document legalization. Commercial documents are evidence that your entrepreneurship is lawful and therefore, commercial document authentication aids in ratifying the same.
  • MEA Stamp
    MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is the last stage of legalization from the home government after which an MEA stamp is applied on the document. MEA is the central authorization that concerns with the external affairs of the country.
 Procedure for Certificate Of Incorporation MEA Attestation in India

How much time does it take to get MEA Attestation of a Certificate Of Incorporation?

After the decentralization of the process, it was attributed to the Branch Secretariats and regional RPOs. The MEA attestation procedure is composed of different authorities at the local and state levels for different types of certificates being - commercial, educational and commercial. The step-by-step procedure is given below:

What are the fees of MEA Attestation of a Certificate Of Incorporation?

MEA attestation is a process that is indirect and the time required to perform it relies upon the kind of the document and the authorities that are involved in its legalization. MEA attestation of Certificate Of Incorporation, since it is a commercial document, it needs about a few business days to complete the certificate attestation process including the embassy verification. It also varies if you avail the urgent certificate attestation service, which will get the documents verified in under a week.

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