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UAE is an Arab country with countless opportunities and Dubai is one of the most fascinating cities in the country. The deserts, the culture, diversity, are what attract so many Indians towards Dubai. Apart from being an ideal vacation destination, Dubai also provides scope for growing a business, acquiring education or even getting a residential stay in the city.

According to statistics, about 2 million Indians are currently staying in Dubai as citizens, which is about 27% of the population. In order to become a citizen of the country, there are several added formalities are to be carried out than a Dubai visa. UAE embassy attestation is mandatory at the time when you are obtaining a long-term stay visa like an employment visa, student visa or residential visa. In the process of procuring attestation for Dubai, it is facile to consider involving the professionals, UAE attestation services.

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How can I get documents attested for UAE?

Generally, the legal procedures are time-consuming and confusing. They are best provided when approached through experts. Attestation agents are how localites can get Dubai attestation for Indians. We at PEC offer you with the best attestation services available and render to all your certification needs. We keep up the transparency of the course of action that is being followed and you will be kept updated with the advancement. Authorized experts work with the firm to ensure the authenticity of the task. We give you certification at various levels of legalization accessible, directly from the notary to the embassy.

How to get your Documents Attested?
How to get your Documents Attested?

What is the procedure for Dubai Attestation?

The UAE attestation procedure is lengthy and indirect. It involves authentication from multiple levels of government and non-government departments. The authorities that are needed to be attended to are determined based on the type of the document. There are a total of three types of documents - personal, educational and commercial. The general Dubai attestation process is listed below:

  • Regional Level: It is the beginning level of the certificate legalization process. This stage of verification can be done by the notary or the University from where the documents were issued, as per the requirement or from the Chamber of commerce in the case of commercial documents.
  • State Government: The verification of certificates from the state is performed by three different organizations as per the necessity of the document type. These departments are the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). SDM is independent of the state government, however, the verification performed by this authority is considered on the state level.
  • MEA Stamp: MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is the last stage of authentication from the home government after which an MEA stamp is applied to the document. MEA is the central department that deals with the foreign affairs of the country.
  • Embassy Attestation: It is carried out by the officials of the concerned country the documents are being legalized for. It is the final stage of the certification for most nations after the Ministry of External Affairs.

How many days will it take to Get Document attestation for Dubai?

As implied, the attestation procedure in India requires authentication from multiple authorities. The time-span required is based on various aspects, for instance, the authority you require it from, the place of issuance, your current location, and others. Normally, obtaining Dubai Attestation, Indians need to consider a period of about 8 to 15 business days for completion. The time will still be affected by reasons referred to previously and also on the fact that whether you are involving professional attestation services or implementing another longer procedure.

How much cost is required for certificate attestation for Dubai?

The Dubai certificate attestation fees shall vary based on many aspects. It will even be influenced by the extremity of the requirement, also from the place the documents were issued, the type of the document i.e educational or commercial. The attestation fee could be low or high if HRD attestation step is involved and yet differ with the extra services like legalization of documents with pick and drop service. To know the exact UAE attestation charges, call our sales executive now.

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