Commercial Document Attestation

Authentication of the commercial certificates is a must to advance your business across borders. It is carried out by the Ministry of External Affairs and the embassy of the respective country as well. Although, the documents are pre-verified by the Chamber of Commerce before the further process. There is no involvement of Notary when it comes to business document legalization in India. The verification of documents must be accurate, so it’s advised to seek services for your convenience.

What is Commercial Document Attestation?

It is the process of legalization of documents from the concerned authorities in which attestation stamp on commercial documents is obtained from the Chamber of Commerce & MEA. In the case of carrying out business overseas, one might need the embassy for those as well. It can be defined as the legalization of certificates that are evidence of your settled business capital. It proves the genuineness of your documents and your company to do business abroad.

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Commercial Document Apostille

Another form of legalization of documents is apostille. When the commercial documents are necessitated while performing a business in or with a country that is party to the Apostille Hague Convention, they require a specialised apostille sticker with the stamp on the back side of the document. This one sticker can allow you to deal with any apostille country you are willing to until the validity of the apostille sticker allows. The sticker contains the all the details like the name of the candidate, the person who issued the sticker on the document, and similarly others.

Commercial Document Apostille Commercial Document Apostille

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When is Commercial Document Attestation required?

Legalization of the business documents is required when you are in the process of attaining the legal right to perform your business transaction in another country or from a capital based in abroad. Two companies from different nations, the business relation need some documents legalization which is acceptable in both governments. Some scenarios where it is necessary like obtaining a business visa, modification of share capital, the Introduction of a new partner in business, opening a new branch of a foreign company in the state, export or import merchandise from another country, tourist license registration, the quotation from a foreign company, etc.

How to get Commercial Document Attestation?

Services can be availed to get the corporate attestation done for the legal documents of your business. Business expansion in a foreign country can get difficult if you don’t do the right authentication process, it’s better to approach attestation service provider who is an expert in the legalization of commercial documents. You can rely on PEC for your document authentication needs and focus on your business, we have services for all types of business documents and the attestation agents at our firm are experienced in the process and the services are legitimate and reliable. We can obtain the attestation for your documents even on an urgent request.

How to get your Documents Attested?
How to get your Documents Attested?

What is the process for Commercial Document Attestation?

The procedure requires certification from the Chamber of Commerce, which is an organization that is embodied by the local businessmen to promote benefits in business. The procedure is listed below:

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation:

    The Chamber of Commerce (CoC) is a local business association and the first step in the verification of your documents before the MEA apostille.

  • MEA Attestation:

    The MEA is the arm of the central government that manages foreign affairs which will provide the apostille sticker and apostille stamp as per the requirement.

  • Embassy Attestation:

    The Embassy is the attestation and verification of the documents on behalf of the nation that you are obtaining the attestation for.

Commercial Document attestation Procedure

How many days will take to get Commercial Document Attestation?

Generally, it depends on the document issued state and from where you require the attestation from. Considering the Chamber of Commerce, MEA, and Embassy, the time required is 10 to 25 business days. However, it will still be influenced by other factors as well. To get it done faster, PEC attestation services can help you.

What is the cost for Commercial Document Attestation?

The cost for attestation differs from document to document and country to country. It also is affected by the document issued state & urgency of the requirement of attestation. The fee of ranges differently contemplating the type of document and the add-on services like pick up and drop facility. Also, for best deals, contact our executives.

Why choose PEC?

PEC has been operating for over 6+ years now and procured itself the title of the best services in India. We have developed this belief and credit all due to the support and professionalism that we have attained over the years. Let us demonstrate to you how we can aid you with the best facilities:

  • Fast & Reliable Service: The services are trustworthy & verified, we render fast legalization for your documents.

  • Free pick up & drop service: Our facilities will collect documents from your doorstep and render them back to you after the process.

  • Service availability across all India: PEC is established for over 6+ now has agencies spread all over the country providing its clients the best of services.

  • 24*7 Customer service: Contact us anytime in the day or night, and we shall assist with your queries and nullify them.

  • Quality Service: We, at our agency, have services of the supreme quality and are offered with authenticity.

  • Customer Convenience: Clients are of importance to us and we are technology sufficient to make our facilities of accessibility to our clients.

Simple step by step process for your application

PEC services make various procedures required frequently much more convenient affirming client satisfaction. We ensure that we render distinct and genuine services by interposing you to 24*7 available team and benevolent service. All you have to do is fill in the details of the facility that you need; upload and submit your original documents; make a transaction online and you are done. While you relax, we’ll deliver you the stamped certificates and translated documents as per your requirement.


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