Why are Medical translations crucial?

Why are Medical translations crucial?


Introduction and Definition


Just imagine a small error in translating medical information, medical device documents and instructions can cause dire consequences. There are several examples of facilities and medical professionals who made translations error on various medical information, medical devices, and instructions resulting in adverse effects on patients. It is of utmost importance that most countries require that companies and organizations translate the information and labeling of medical devices into their national language. Also, subject matter knowledge along with specific training is one of the most important requirements because medical translation is a highly technical and sensitive subject.

Think of instances when you find various medicines and medical devices along with their instructions on a piece of paper lying on the shelf at your home. Most of the instructions are translated in the Hindi language, with Hindi being the national language of India. Similarly, most medical devices and medicines are also translated in State’s Regional language for various states like Marathi in Maharashtra, Gujrati in Gujrat, so that people of different states can access information more easily to avoid any error. This can be understood more easily with an example, during this ongoing pandemic of covid-19, we all know how important it is to maintain SPO2 level in the body and to measure it there is a device called Oximeter, so while purchasing it customer would find a small set of instructions on a piece of paper along with it. These instructions will come in the national language, regional language along English language which is a universal language.

So the term Medical translation refers to translations of texts in the area of healthcare, medicine and pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and clinical trials. Medical translations must be carried out by certified medical translators who are qualified in the field of medicine.    

The reason why medical translations are crucial

So after understanding what is medical translation along with an example and how it can cause adverse events in human life if it’s not done on the professional level? Now let’s understand from the following points about various reasons why medical translations are crucial.


  • Medical translators help to save a life 

Just think of this ongoing pandemic of covid-19, now think what are the symptoms a patient experiences, well it's the common cold, running nose, feeling fatigued, coughing, muscle pain. But aren’t these symptoms similar to common viral fever, so how can an individual differentiate between covid-19 and the common cold. So to remove this ambiguity and uncertainty medical interpreters and translators can communicate the right way with their expertise in linguistics. 


  • To help public health at the global level

Let’s keep on thinking more about this covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 is a global problem; to make or understand what was happening in Wuhan lab Medical translators have played a vital role to provide insights from the epicenter of the pandemic. As this pandemic started to spread, recorded information including symptoms, diagnosis, and prognosis, tests, etc. was shared at a worldwide level to accommodate health organizations to better understand the root cause of the coronavirus and ways to undermine it. With the help of medical translators, documents can be translated and interpreted accurately. 


  • Clinical trials

Medical translators offer an expandable way to translate information into many other languages. It helps to provide the right information in the desired target languages and offers input to conduct the clinical trials. 


  • Doctors or medical experts can review medical care with patients in their native language 

To deliver the best care possible doctors and medical experts cannot be restricted because of language barriers. They have to make utmost use of medical translators so that they can communicate with their patients effectively no matter what language a patient is speaking.


  • The patient can understand their medicine more accurately

One mistake in the medical dosage can cause a serious threat to a patient’s life, therefore medical translation. If the information about the amount of dosage is mentioned in correct and precise language this will help the patient to understand his/her medicines more accurately. Like for example think of pregnant women taking some medicine over the counter, but if it is not mentioned clearly that if it is good for her or not if it’s not it can prove to be dangerous to the child. 


  • To remove the barrier between medical science and common audience

It is not common for the common audience to understand every aspect of medical science and it sometimes creates a barrier in the communication between the common audience and public. But what medical translation will do is it will help to understand the terms in medical science in a more understandable manner to the common audience.


  • The importance of medical translation in a frightful condition

This pandemic of covid-19 has created a lot of panic in the minds of the common public. What medical translation has done here has helped to ease down the situation, and by spreading the proper message that what precautions need to be done, how we can keep ourselves protected from this disease.


  • Conclusion 

 Medical translation helps to sustain human life. Since even the smallest translation error can be dangerous to patients, medical translation can ensure that the translations are precise.


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