Translate Personal Documents Into the French Language

French is the official language in 29 countries and is spoken by an estimated 274 million people. French is a global language and it is spoken by a large group of people. French is spoken in France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, and many other countries. Translators need to be aware of the different words. In France the words for 70 and 90 are soixante-dix and quatre-vingt-dix. Outside of France they simply say septate for seventy and non ante for ninety. So translators should be well- aware of these subtle differences.

Nowadays many people are using French in their daily conversations such as artists, government officials, and service providers, so it becomes a necessity of translation in French. There are various kinds of translations that are carried out and almost all of them need exceptional mastery over the language, Either it's in grammar, vocabulary, or the significant law-related, medical, or technical terminologies that are comprised. So it is useful to translate your documents from french translation service providers.

As well as nowadays peoples traveling to french speaking nations for various purposes such as Education, Business or work. for this purpose, they need to translate their documents. Document translation services carry out the translation for legal documents that are of three kinds, personal, educational & commercial. For instance, marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, medical certificate, etc.


Birth Certificate translation

Marriage Certificate translation

Divorce Decree translation

Criminal Record translation

Background Check translation

Visa Document translation

Naturalization Certificate translation

Legal Document translation

Academic Document translation (Diplomas, Transcripts, Syllabus, Etc.)

Tax Document translation

Affidavit translation

Police Report translation

Contract translation

Vehicle Title translation

Deeds translation

Home Loan Document translation

Bank Statement translation

Last Will and Testament translation

Drivers License translation


Insurance Document translation

Medical Document translation

Medical Clearance translation

Powers of Attorney translation

These are the personal documents that may require translation if someone is planning to get further education or a job or planning to live where french is an official language. Documents are a very important part of any process and translating it according to the language of that country is mandatory. 

For translating personal documents you have to take help or hire a professional certified translator who will translate your personal document in perfect order and with all correct terminologies. 

Things to consider while choosing a personal document translator who will translate a document into French:

CERTIFICATION-  Before choosing any translation agency make sure that the agency is ISO- Certified. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, an independent organization that develops standards for quality. This certification helps you to verify an experienced translation agency. An experienced translator not only makes sure about the quality but also provides you with an accurate translation for every content and other technical terms. 

LANGUAGE EXPERT- Make sure to consider a translation agency that has a translator with experience in various languages. The best translators have fluency in both languages – the one you are translating from and the one you are translating to. Experienced language translators know all the terminologies and different sentences that need to be converted into the target language. They will give you high-quality translations with accuracy.

PROVIDE VALUE-  When the documents involve technical terms and require detailed information translated very appropriately. This may be a little expensive but it is definitely worth the cost. Because you cannot afford any errors in the documents like educational, personal, applications, etc. Any minor mistakes will ruin the process and may cause you a loss.  

ON-TIME SERVICE- Always consider the delivery time of the translation agency. Choose an agency that will give you a quick service without compromising the quality. Also, they should provide after services if any problem occurs. 

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