Importance of language experts for translating in Arabic Language

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world."

~ Ludwig Wittgenstein


The world is both growing and shrinking at the same time, and the pace is just rapid. Thanks to advancing technology which has brought about an increase in connectivity, it is now possible for someone from Tokyo to visit Australia and connect with its people in just no time, right from the comfort of his home. Humans have today taken down almost all possible barriers with the help of science and technology. Yet amidst all these, the one key connecting factor which helps all other factors join and form a huge social network, is the language.

Language has been known to be the roadmap of one's culture. It not only helps to understand its people but also their diverse ethnicity and way of working as well as thinking. Different languages provide different visions of life. And thus it is extremely important that humankind must make efforts towards overcoming this linguistic barrier in order to make itself a big global village.

Language connectivity has also proven to be quite important from a business perspective. Businesses deal with several commercial documents and paperwork. While dealing with global customers and clients, it is very important to keep in sight the fact that these documents convey exactly what the businesses want them to. It not only makes the workflow easier but also helps in increasing the visibility of the business as well as helps in building the trust of the client. And this is where translation plays a major role in minimizing this language barrier. Translation assists us in bridging the communication gap prevalent between linguistically and culturally different groups of people.

The translation is a process of transiting a written text from one language to another, to make it suitable for the target audience to interpret and understand exactly the way we want it to be conveyed. There are different kinds of translations, namely-

  1. Literary Translation
  2. Commercial Translation
  3. Legal Translation
  4. Software Localization
  5. Technical Translation
  6. Judicial Translation
  7. Administrative Translation
  8. Medical Translation
  9. Website Translation
  10. Script Translation
  11. Multimedia Localization
  12. Financial Translation


Need for Document Translation


From the perspective of business organizations, document translation is required to form corporate bonds on an international scale, communicate about one's business plans and ideas, spread across the firm's achievements, etc. Document translation also comes to use for students who wish to seek education abroad. A document translated in multiple languages can help one reach out to a wider and diverse set of audiences. It helps save information and records, as well as help overcome any legal hassles.


Commercial Document Translation


Commercial documents of a business may include agreement papers, invoices, transaction documents, etc. Any inconsistency or error in the proposed portrayal of details to the client or customer can lead to a loss for the business, and not to mention a bad reputation for the organization. It might also give an edge to your competitor business who might get the job done in a better way perhaps.

Some common commercial documents that require translation are as follows-

  1. Advertising
  2. Annual Report
  3. Audit Document
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Business Correspondence
  6. Business Research Paper
  7. Campaign Translation
  8. Deed or Lease
  9. Equity Research Report
  10. Financial Document
  11. Insurance Marketing
  12. Insurance Policy
  13. Investment Marketing
  14. Market Research
  15. Quotation
  16. Shareholder Information


Commercial document translation thus proves to be of utmost importance in today's growing global business environment. It helps an organization to communicate critical information in the right manner, to make the business attract more traffic by reaching to newer businesses and customers, to build a good trust rapport with the clients and customers, and last but not the least, to safeguard oneself from legal hassles.


Legal Document Translation


Anything legal implicates confidentiality, secrecy, privacy, rules and laws, etc. It basically comprises a matter of substantial gravity. Thus legal document translation requires maximum accuracy and precision. For instance, translation of legal documents becomes necessary when you have a court trial or you have to settle a dispute between partners overseas. Without translation, there’s a high chance that you may face several unfavorable scenarios. A precise legal translation helps an individual or an organization to clarify all points mentioned in the document accurately without creating any chaos or confusion. It also helps in mitigating any financial losses arising from such documentation work.


Types of legal documents that require translation services-

  1. Bond
  2. Certificate
  3. Charter
  4. Constitution
  5. Contract
  6. Diploma
  7. Guarantee
  8. License
  9. Passport
  10. Warrant
  11. Patents
  12. Immigration
  13. Affidavits

Arabic is one of the most popular languages all over the globe. Many people are using it in their daily communication including the artists, governments, and officials, so it becomes essentiality of translation in Arabic. Document translation services carry out the translation for legal documents that are of three kinds, personal, educational, and commercial. For instance, marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, medical certificate, etc.

Commercial and Legal Document Translation in the Arabic Language


The Arabic language is one of the oldest known languages of the world, having emerged in the 1st to 4th centuries. It is the commonly used language in the Arab world. The demand for Arabic translations is rapidly rising.

Some common industries that demand Arabic translation services are as follows-

  1. Education
  2. Publishing and Media
  3. Financial
  4. Medical
  5. Energy
  6. Automobile
  7. E-commerce
  8. Travel and Tourism
  9. Manufacturing
  10. Technology and Software


A document translation in this language would require accuracy and precision. And thus requires an expert or professional translator for the purpose. Only those translators who hold a certificate of translation are authorized to do the document translation legally.


Process of Arabic Translation


A document undergoes 3 stages for the purpose of professional translation.

  1. Submitting the Document (Online/Offline) to the translation services agency.
  2. Translation of the document to Arabic or from Arabic.
  3. Submission of the Translated Document (Online/Offline) by the agency.


A professional translator acquires all the necessary details from the client and understands the language pair required for the purpose of the translation work. The translator has mastery over the language pair and is fluent with all the terminologies required for the purpose. Usually, clients of legal document translation demand to see the words and their meanings before they want the translators to start the process as any kind of misinterpretation of words can cause legal discrepancies. After the translation of the commercial, and/or legal documents are completed, the translator makes sure to re-read, re-check and proofread the document again and again before finally submitting it back to the client. This helps to avoid any grammatical mistakes, or syntax errors, or incorrect sentence formations in the translated documents. Also, In addition to all the above, certain legal and commercial documents often require a statement of certification from professional translators. Thus, when a certified translator translates the document, he/she gives the statement of authenticity. These documents are easily acceptable everywhere.


Cost of Arabic Translations


The cost of procuring a professional Arabic language translation services depends on different factors like-

  1. Type of Source Content: The cost of translation varies according to the variations in the type of source content, be it a document, audio, video, or literature. Usually, audio-visual content is charged on a per minute and per-second basis, while text content is charged on a per word and per page basis.
  2. Type of Translation: The charges depend on which type of translation is demanded by the client. For instance, the book translation will take longer than the university transcript translations.
  3. Length of Source Content: Higher prices might be charged for the longer source content.
  4. The Technicality of Content: If the source content is too technical, the linguists may ask for advice from the technical expertise to get more conceptual clarity. This helps the translator to reach the high-quality. And this would require charging a higher price for the service.


Time required for Arabic Translation services


The amount of time that would be required for the translation work would depend on -

  1. The Word Count: The higher the number of words, the longer the time required. The length of the document determines the time taken for the translation.
  2. The Complexity of the content: Complex terminologies may take time to be translated by a professional translator.


Criteria to be taken into consideration while choosing an Arabic Translation Service-

  1. Certified Language Translator: Arabic language translation requires precision and demand over the language. Hence it is important to choose a translator who holds the certificate of excellence, as he/she then has obtained the standard of accuracy of the source and target language.
  2. Portfolio or Samples: In order to gauge the experience or work of the professional translator, one can demand to go through a few samples of his/her previous works.
  3. Specialization: Language translation is required for various businesses, such as technical, medical, website, literature, or film. It is better to choose the best language translator depending on the area of specialization.



Thus, professional translation services for Arabic language translation for commercial and legal documents stand to be of paramount importance in order to have the accuracy, precision, grammatical correctness, etc. It not only provides quality translated work but also helps save an individual or an organization from any possible legal hassles. Human translation work also proves to be more accurate than a machine translation, as the latter will not go with the flow of the context and only translate word-to-word. Apart from this, translation agencies also guarantee confidentiality and privacy of the documents, which is unlikely through an online platform.

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