How do I get my document translated from an Alliance Françaises translator?

French is one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations and most UN documents are published in French. The speeches of UN delegates have also been translated into French. Apart from other languages, French is also the official language ​​of the European Patent Office (EPO). Patent applications can be submitted in French. In case the patent application is filed in another language, the abstract must be translated into French.

French is spoken in many countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, and several African countries, while it is the official language in Quebec, Canada. Before requesting a French translation, it is important to determine which country the translation is for as there are differences in the use of the language. For example, Canadian French is very different from European French. 

Alliance Françaises Translation Services is a global network that provides interpreting services to local companies, government & private institutions. It is one of the most extensive services provided and companies are always looking for excellence to achieve it with the best possible interpreters. as well as it is a French government-approved translation service provider. That's why people are preferring to translate their documents through these service providers and with the partners with Alliance Françaises Translation Service providers. 

Alliance Françaises translation Services

Pec Translation Services is one of the Authorised Alliance Françaises Translation Service providers.  Pec provides translation services with

  • Translation of official documents, certificates 
  • Translation of trademark sheets 
  • Technical translation of commercial, scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, legal or legal documents 

 The time it takes to translate a particular document depends on the size and type of the documents. 


Whether you need the translation of personal documents for departure/immigration, certificates, letters, résumés, or titles for an application or tuition fees or insurance and medical certificates, we work with qualified and experienced translators to offer a high quality of service at reasonable prices and customer-oriented. With a workload of millions of words in English-French and French-English translations, companies in many fields have extensive libraries of French-speaking terminology, and the use of translation memory software ensures that your work is done with the highest quality and consistency, and profitability. 


They also provide French and English translation and proofreading of business and academic documents such as articles, press releases, website copy, exhibition guides, and documents for attracting visitors, especially when you need to ensure readability and the best possible impression. 


Some of the key features of these services are: 

  • Court interpreting 
  • Interpreting for seminars 
  • Interpreting for trade fairs 
  • Interpreting for congresses 
  • Translations for advertising, sales, and marketing 
  • Medical interpreting and translations 
  • Legal translations 


There are also some key points that are considered towards the importance and implementation of PEC translation services and they are as follows:

1. Well experienced translators

The firm should screen and identify the perfect translators to see if they can work with these different variations in the French language spoken in different countries accordingly. There is a difference in culture and grammar altogether which is certainly why the company must hire a professional and well-experienced translator.



2. Opportunities in the French-speaking market 

According to a report, French is the second language of business. In addition, 4% of the internet content is in French. Business opportunities are vast when it comes to providing translation solutions like website localization, etc. But even if there is an opportunity in the market, translators face challenges. 


3. Support Online Business Growth 

Online business, mainly electronic commerce, is seeking a broader market. Many eCommerce websites in India target the French market to impress customers and get a good deal, but to reach that market, website localization is essential. The localization of the website to the French market is very promising for good business. Translation breaks boundaries and barriers. Hence, translations are essential and must be recognized.


The Alliance's translation department Francaise includes some highly skilled translators with experience in a wide variety of fields: administration, engineering, business, politics, and law; they are also trained and experienced in performing various types of interpreting work: types of interpreting, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Translations are carefully checked for correctness by the proofreader.

Additionally, the ideal image of translation is the image of a literary translation, translating a good literary work from one language to another. However, most work consists of translating official documents such as marketing communications, legal documents, website content, and other personal documents. Hence, it becomes essential for having Alliance France Translation services due to its extensive need and importance from a business point of view and convenience.

Get Your document translated by Authorised Alliance Françaises translator’s From PEC Translation Services 

PEC has been functioning for over 6+ years now and has acquired itself the title of best services in India. We have built this confidence and trust all because of the support and experience that we have gained over the years. Let us ratify you how we can help you with the best facilities 

  • Quality Assurance
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Professional Enthusiasts
  • Quick and Accurate Translation
  • Free Pick-up & Drop Service
  • Secure and Confidential Approach

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