Attestation in India - Everything You Need To Know

Foreign travel is common for personal and professional reasons. It ranges from higher studies and work to expanding a business. In such cases, you may hear about "document attestation" or "certificate attestation".

The attestation of documents/ certificate attestation proves that the documents you present are authentic. In the process, the documents are verified by the appropriate authorities. To protect the public and the business from fraudulent or forged documents used for personal or professional reasons, this attestation is necessary.

The attestation process adds official seals or certificates to your documents. The steps for document attestation in India will depend on your document type and where you plan to use them.

It's important to know that the attestation of documents in India often involves a series of steps. This process, handled by designated authorities in India, includes many verification stages. These seals confirm the document's origin and prove that an official person signed it. The authorities grant your document validity in another country with these seals.

Generally, you'll start with notary verification by a local official, like a notary public. State-level authorities like the Home Department may need to attest the document. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) often handles final attestation.

Sometimes you might need an extra certification attestation from the Embassy/ consulate of your destination country. It is called the Embassy Attestation. Services called Attestation services help you get all your attestations completed without much hassle.

What is attestation?

In the legal world, attestation is a way to show they are genuine. Attestation involves officials checking a document and then putting a stamp or signature on it. This stamp or signature tells that the document can be trusted as it has been verified. Attestation is a legal requirement in many cases. Various authorities do it for various purposes. For example, you might need certificate attestation for your academic documents or document attestation for important personal papers.

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What is certificate attestation?

Certification attestation means you need to prove your educational documents are real. These are official stamps of approval for your diplomas, transcripts, or other academic certificates. You will likely need this if you are applying for a job, seeking higher education, or getting a professional license in another country. The process usually involves getting your documents verified by a notary public, your educational institution, and various government departments (this often includes HRD attestation).

Sometimes, you may also need approval from the embassy or consulate of the country you are going to. If your destination country is part of the Hague Convention, you might be able to get an Apostille attestation, simplifying the process. The whole point of certificate attestation is to make sure your educational credentials are recognized and trusted wherever you go.

What is certificate attestation?

What does ‘attestation of documents’ mean?

The attestation of documents is the official process of verification. The verification is done of your important papers whether they are personal, educational, commercial or legal. This process involves getting special stamps, signatures or endorsements from designated authorities in your country. The exact steps of document attestation vary from country to country, the type of documents and their use in the destination country.

Why is attestation required?

Attestation makes documents official for use in other countries. Document Attestations prove they are real and streamline the visa process. Embassies require these stamps for your educational certificates, personal documents (like birth certificates) and sometimes medical records. If you skip certificate attestation it can lead to delays or even rejection of your visa application.

Important Note - When travelling to Gulf countries (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia), there might be an extra step called MOFA attestation. It involves verification from their Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Be sure to check the requirements for your destination to avoid delays.

Why is attestation required?

Who can attest documents?

Different authorities do document attestation for your travel. Depending on the document type and destination country, you'll likely start with a notary public who can verify the original's authenticity. This could include documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates (where you might need HRD attestation), and more.

Next, various state government departments might need to attest the documents. After that, you get an attestation from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) department called the MEA attestation.

Countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE require one more approval for people travelling for work/ higher studies or business. It is issued from the embassies of these countries located in India. It is called an embassy attestation. In these cases, the embassy plays a vital role, and they often need to provide what’s called MOFA attestation. (If you are travelling to the UAE then it is called the UAE MOFA attestation). The embassy also keeps you well-informed about the process.

What are the types of attestation?

Depending on your travel destination and the type of documents you have, you'll need to go through different attestation steps in India. Here's a breakdown of the most common types:

  • Notary Attestation:

    Start by visiting a notary public. They will verify the authenticity of your original documents and provide a stamp or signature. It is the fundamental first step in most attestation processes.

  • HRD Attestation:

    The legalization of educational documents (like HSC certificates) in India, by the HRD department is called HRD Attestation. It is issued by your state's Human Resource Development department.

  • Home Department Attestation:

    Personal documents like marriage or birth certificates often require Home Department attestation from the Home Department of your state.

  • SDM Attestation:

    In some cases, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate might be an alternative to the HRD or Home Department for attestation.

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation:

    If you're travelling for business purposes, you'll likely need an attestation for commercial documents (like invoices or contracts). The first step is getting approval from your local Chamber of Commerce, verifying your business's legitimacy.

  • MEA Attestation:

    The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) handles the final stage of attestation within India, adding their stamp of approval. It is known as the MEA Attestation.

  • Embassy Attestation:

    Certain destination countries require additional verification from their embassy or consulate in India called the Embassy Attestation.

  • MOFA Attestation:

    Some Gulf countries (like UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar) require an extra step of attestation called the MOFA Attestation. After embassy attestation, you will also need approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the destination country.

  • Apostille Attestation:

    An attestation issued for travelling to a country which is a part of the Hague Convention is called an Apostille Attestation. It is issued by the Ministry of External Affairs. It can save you time and hassle. This simplifies the process by replacing the n

What is the process of certificate attestation?

There are three main categories of the process of certificate attestation. The information of which documents need attestation changes from person to person thus making the process of certificate attestation unique for them.

Personal Document Attestation

Attesting personal documents is called personal document attestation.This attestation proves that your personal documents are genuine and come from legitimate sources. When you need long term residency visas you apply for a personal document attestation. They are either stamps or signatures of approval.

Procedure for personal document services

Educational Document Attestation

Attesting educational documents is called educational document attestation. It gives certification verification to your degrees, diplomas, and other academic certificates. This ensures your academic credentials are recognized as legitimate. The specific steps depend on where your documents were issued and the type of document. Degree certificate attestation frequently involves working with the HRD department and potentially the embassy of your destination country.

Depending on the origin or type of the document, the procedure for the attestation of educational certificates will vary. Following are given the different procedures that are specific to the place of issuance of the document and its kind.

1. For Maharashtra issued documents

Procedure for Educational Certificate Attestation in Maharashtra

2. For out of Maharashtra issued documents

Procedure for Educational Certificate Attestation for out of Maharashtra

3. As per the Embassy requirement where HRD compulsory

Procedure for Educational Certificate Attestation for Embassy Requirement

Commercial Document Attestation

Attesting documents related to your business is called commercial document attestation. Documents like financial statements and business contracts. Your first step to get commercial document attestation is usually getting approval from your local Chamber of Commerce to establish your business's legitimacy.

Procedure for commercial document services

How To Find the Best Attestation Services In India?

To find the best attestation services in India, you should consider a wide range of factors, including online reputation, experience, reliability, speed, cost, specific need and customer support.

Types of attestation required: An attestation can be of various types, including HRD attestation, MEA attestation, Apostille attestation, or Embassy attestation. Choose a service that offers the type of attestation you require

Reputation: Choose an attestation company with an excellent reputation and experience in your country's requirements. See if your friends or colleagues have used an attestation service and check online reviews

Additional services: Identify what services the company offers, such as document preparation, tracking, and expediting. If you require a particular service, make sure they provide it. There are also some agencies that provide free pick-up and drop-off services all over India, so this is also something to consider since it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Price: Compare prices from several companies before choosing one. You should ask about any additional fees if they are not included in the price.

Process Time: Ask the company how long it will take to process your apostille. Make sure the company you choose can meet your deadline if you have one.

How to get document attestation in India?

Attesting documents in India can be complex. Understand the process thoroughly before you begin. For fast, hassle-free service, consider using a certificate attestation agency. PEC has 13 years of experience streamlining document authentication. We serve clients nationwide, including: Pune Pimpri Ahmedabad Mumbai And many more

How to get your Documents Attested?
How to get your Documents Attested?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by attestation?

Attestation gives your documents official approval for international travel, work, or higher education. This involves stamps and signatures that prove your documents are real.

What is the use of certificate attestation?

Certificate attestation makes your diplomas, degrees, and other academic records trusted internationally. It's often required for jobs, further education, or professional licenses abroad.

What is an example of attestation?

Getting your birth certificate notarized and then verified by a state government department is an example of attestation.

What is visa attestation?

Visa attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of the documents you submit with your visa application. This includes educational certificates, work experience letters, and identity documents.

How to get certificate attestation?

Certificate attestation is the process of having your documents officially verified. This includes notarization, and verification by state departments, and often requires additional approval from the MEA or the embassy of your destination country.

What is the procedure for attestation?

Specific steps depend on your document type and destination country. Consult the embassy or consulate of your destination country for the most accurate requirements.

How to get MEA Attestation on my Educational Certificates?

For MEA attestation you first get your documents verified by the HRD department and then submit them to the MEA for their final stamp of approval.

What are the procedures for MEA attestation?

Check the MEA's official website for the most up-to-date process regarding document submission, payment, and expected timelines.

How to get HRD attestation?

The process and timeline can vary by state. Visit the website of your state's HRD department for specific instructions and forms.

What is the difference between Apostille and attestation?

Apostille and attestation are two different processes of document legalization. Apostille is a specific attestation required for a set of countries that are part of the Apostille Hague Convention. This convention simplifies the document legalisation process by providing a standardized certificate, known as an apostille, recognized by all member countries.

On the other hand, attestation is a broader term that refers to verifying a document's authenticity. It is done for the rest of the countries not part of the Apostille Hague Convention. As proof of Apostille, an apostille sticker is usually applied to the document with a stamp; after the legalization of documents, they are stamped by the central government and are applicable for embassy attestation.

What is the difference between attestation and notarization?

Attestation and notarization are similar processes of legalizing documents. However, notarization plays a crucial role as the first step in the process. It can be considered a part of or a type of attestation. Notarization is the attestation performed by the Notary. Attestation could be a lengthy process when dealing with a foreign country. Notarization is the first step required for documents of an educational and personal nature.

Is attestation mandatory for a UAE visa?

The requirement of certificate attestation for a UAE visa is not universal, but it depends on the visa type. Obtaining legal documentation is not mandatory if the visa is a tourist visa. However, it becomes compulsory if the visa is acquired for a long-term stay, like pursuing education or employment in the country or conducting business transactions. UAE embassy attestation is required for a long-term stay visa, and an additional legalization is called MOFA attestation.

How many days will it take for certificate attestation in India?

Generally, considering all the factors, like the verification steps and the urgency of the requirement, that affect the certificate attestation process, it would take about 15 to 20 days. However, involving PEC services, a professional document attestation service provider, you can complete it in 8 to 10 business days. PEC services specialize in handling the document attestation process, ensuring that all the necessary steps are completed accurately and efficiently, thereby reducing the time and effort required from your end.

What is MOFA attestation?

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs or MOFA attestation is part of the document attestation process. It is the final step performed after the embassy attestation for Gulf countries like Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and others. The MOFA attestation process involves verifying the authenticity of foreign documents and those issued in that particular Gulf country. The MOFA department is responsible for ensuring the authenticity of foreign documents and those issued in that specific Gulf country.

Is attestation required for passport documents?

Attestation is not required on your documents when you are issuing a passport. However, if you already possess a passport and require legalization for the purpose of a residential, employment, or student visa or an overseas business transaction, then you need an attestation for the copy of your passport if demanded by the concerned foreign authority. Passport documents are already home government-issued and require no added authentication.

What is meant by an attested copy?

An attested copy duplicates an original document officially verified as accurate and genuine. This verification is done by a notary public or authorized person, who signs and stamps the copy to confirm its authenticity. Attested copies are often required for legal, academic, or immigration purposes. They serve as legally recognized proof of the original document's authenticity, allowing it to be used in various official settings without presenting the original document.

My company needs to submit attested commercial documents for an overseas tender. Do the procedures differ from educational certificates, and are there additional steps involved?

Yes, commercial document attestation can differ. Chambers of Commerce or similar industry bodies might be involved in the chain of attestation, alongside government authorities. In addition, some countries may require further steps such as legalization (apostille) because of specific requirements for the tender.

I hold a PIO/OCI card. Does this affect the attestation process for my Indian documents for use abroad?

The process might differ slightly for PIO/OCI cardholders. It is possible that some countries have specific requirements or exemptions regarding document attestation for PIOs/OCIs. It is recommended that you contact the embassy or consulate of the target country for more information.

I hold a PIO/OCI card. Does this affect the attestation process for my Indian documents for use abroad?

The process might differ slightly for PIO/OCI cardholders. It is possible that some countries have specific requirements or exemptions regarding document attestation for PIOs/OCIs. It is recommended that you contact the embassy or consulate of the target country for more information.

There's a minor discrepancy (e.g., spelling mistake) between my name on the document and my passport. Will this prevent successful attestation?

This can be a hassle. The severity depends on the authority and the receiving institution. In some cases, affidavits explaining discrepancies are required, and in others, the document might be rejected outright. In order to avoid this mistake, proactive steps like contacting the issuing authority are recommended (if possible).

I need my emigrated parents' Indian documents attested for my overseas application. Can I do this while they're abroad?

Attestation for documents of individuals residing abroad can be complex. Depending on the authorities, there might be a requirement that the document holder be physically present. Inquire if the Indian embassy or consulate in their resident country can assist with the attestation process for Indian documents, or have your parents send the documents to a trusted source with an authorization for attestation.

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